What happened in the last months made us understand how hectic our life is, what a short time we have to think, how much we need each other and how precious the gifts of nature are. The question is:  now that most of us are over the hump, what have we learnt? Are we different or have we already forgotten everything?

Generally speaking, I think we could summarize what we should have learnt as respect and gratitude.

Respect is a powerful word, full of meanings and shades. Respect for ourselves, for our bodies, for each other, for everything we possess. Respect for the nature that surrounds us, for the not well-paid people that do important jobs , for the time that we have, for the job that we sometimes hate.

Gratitude for being in good health, for the people that surround us, for all the goods we have, for our job and the time we can spend to do the things we like.

I know this is just a list of examples. It’s clear that this is not the right place for a detailed analysis of this subject and, frankly, I’m sure that, in a way or another, the lockdown gave us all the chance to think about the way we spend our time and our energy. I guess if we have really learnt and if we are going to change something because we really want to, when the emergency will finally be over. The impression, unfortunately, is that we talk about a change, but that, despite what we experienced, we’re not motivated enough to make it happen. Or maybe the changes we need to make are so deep and challenging that it takes more time to see them and understand they are compulsory. Could it be?

In business, certainly, among others, one of the main visible effects of the COVID is the way fairs and exhibitions had to face the problem and find a way not only to survive, but also to allow people to be informed, to interact with each other and spread the novelties. I guess if it will become a standard modus operandi or if, as soon as possible, we will again decide to travel and talk to each other face to face. Will we stop the Zoom meetings at a certain point or discover that they are better than meeting at the office? Will we stop remote working and decide we prefer to commute so we can see people and stop for the aperitif on the way home?

Only time will say.

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